World Soft Foam is a B2 grade flame-retardant, flexible, one-component polyurethane foam that has excellent elasticity and resilience, so it has strong durability against temperature changes, impact, and deformation. In addition, it is an eco-friendly product that boasts high thermal insulation, sound insulation, and anti-condensation performance through its excellent cell structure, does not deform after curing, and does not emit odor.

High elasticity and resilience, suitable for areas with a lot of impact and deformation
Suitable for filling and insulation around wooden houses, system windows and door frames
Flame retardant products meeting DIN 4102 Fire Class B2 standard (Germany)
Manufacturing specifications
Technical Date
Working temperature 41℉ ~ 86℉
(optimal temp. +68℉)
Heat resistant temperature
(after hardening)
-22℉ ~ 176℉
Density 15 kg/㎥ or more
Thermal conductivity
(avg. temp 68℉)
0.020 ~ 0.040 W/m.k
Water absorption 0.1 ~ 3.0g /100㎠
Surface hardening time
(avg. temp 68℉, humidity 60%)
10 ~ 15 minutes
Elapse time for cut
(avg. temp 68℉, humidity 60%)
40 ~ 60 minutes
Elapse time for complete hardening
(avg. temp 68℉, humidity 60%)
24 hours
Combustibility fire class DIN 4102 B2
Foaming capacity Max.50ℓ
Compression recovery rate
(at 75% compression)
over 90 %
Period for storage
(avg. temp 68℉)
18 months from the date of manufacturing