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Cautions for one component type polyurethane foam

As the foam is adhesive, wear protective goggles, mask, gloves and clothes before start work.
Use it in the place with good ventilation. In case use the foam in closed indoor, use it keeping good ventilation as there is risk of fire and explosion caused by gas in use.
As there is risk of being broken in high temperature, never direct to flame or use near heat sources (stove, fan heater, electric heat, heater) or in indoor where heat sources are used.
Shock can cause being broken so do not throw or drop. Person with allergy should not use.
As optimum temperature of the can while using is 20 ~ 25°C, discharge pressure may be decreased under 20°C. In case the can needs to be kept warm in winter, put it in warm water of 30 ~ 40°C and do not heat it directly using heater or stove as there is risk of explosion.
Pay special attention not to have skin, eyes and clothes be stained with foam when use as the foam is hardly removed. This product should be used by specialist and children, the old and the infirm and minor should never use the product.
Observe above mentioned cautions and never use the product for purpose other than its intended purpose as the polyurethane foam is dangerous flammable item using high compressed gas.
Caution for storage
Avoid direct sunlight and do not store in the place of which temperature is higher than 40°C (in the car, trunk and near fire source).
Do not store in closed place.
Store can in vertical position. If can is laid or stands upside down when store, the valve will be stiffened and foam will not be sprayed – this malfunction will not be warranted as the cause is by user’s negligence.
Store the product in the place where children cannot touch.
Do not dispose into fire after use.
Dispose after remove residual gas in the can completely after use.
Do not dispose together with other garbage.
First aid
In case the foam gets in eyes, wash eyes using running water for about 15 minutes and contact oculist.
In case skin is stained with foam, remove the foam using foam cleaner before the foam is hardened and if the foam already has been hardened, detach it little by little as complete removal is difficult and contact doctor.
In case clothes or other parts near work area are stained with foam, remove the foam using foam cleaner before the foam is hardened and remove it little by little carefully if the foam already has been hardened.
In case person inhales the foam gas and has subjective symptoms, move him or her to the place where fresh air is available and contact doctor. Do not let him or her use the product anymore.

* Refer to MSDS for further details.