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How to use for one component type polyurethane foam

Remove dust, oil and contaminants on the part to work and protect adjacent parts using tape.
To have better work result, spray water properly on all adhered parts and applied foam and in case of applying foam in multi layers, spray water on each layer, too.
Especially, as adhesiveness and foaming may be weakened considerably in dry season, water must be sprayed.
Shake the can at least 20 times before use and apply foam with the can positioned upside down (outlet downwards)
Start work by pressing trigger of the gun (adapter) and adjust foam volume using adjustment screw in the rear part of the gun.
Fill 40% only of the work area considering the foam expandibility.
Though a trowel can be used for finishing before foam is not hardened, knife or saw should be used to get rid of foam once the foam has been hardened.
After use, do not forget cleaning foam gun, nozzle and valve using world foam cleaner and removing extra unhardened foam which was flowed out.
In case the valve is clogged when reuse, use after remove hardened residuals inside the valve.