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Summary and characteristics

One component type polyurethane foam is hardened by the humidity in the air when it is sprayed from the can. Its expanding capability and adhesiveness are excellent to fill various gaps, empty space and cracks and its quality is outstanding in terms of its properties such as thermo-keeping, insulation and sound proof.

90% of the foam consists of independent micro foam so its structure is stable and not deformed.
Except for a few solvents such as concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid, its waterproofing and chemical resistance are excellent.
Its vapor-proofing, sound proof, anti vibration and heat conductivity are very acceptable.
Its insulation performance is excellent so you can get maximized insulation effect with thinner foaming than other insulation materials and use more space area accordingly.
ts strong magnetic adhesiveness performs excellent adhesion to any materials including concrete and metal panels once dust, oil and foreign substances are removed from them.
Its absorption rate is low and resistance against water penetration is strong.
It is eco-friendly product with no CFS.
Its resistance against corrosion caused by water, petroleum, oil, acid, solvent and microbes is excellent once it has been hardened.
Surface treatment using paintings and protective coating agents after spraying polyurethane foam is possible so fire resistance and weather resistance can be improved.