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How are you, thank you for your visiting the homepage of our company, Hamil Selena Co., Ltd. Hamil Selena was established in August 1991 as a company specialized in aerosol and since 1996, it developed and has been producing ‘World-Foam’ which is one-component type polyurethane foam used for various applications including fixing window frames and door frames of construction, insulation and filling the joints between panels.

Company also developed Tytan65 which is fire retardant product (DIN4102 Fire class B2) in 2002 and has become the biggest company of ‘manufacturing one component type polyurethane foam’ having the highest market share in Korean urethane foam market which mostly relied on imported products.

Furthermore, company developed ‘World Spray Foam’ for the first time in Korea in 2004 and exports all of the products to Japan, which ensured us to take pride in our technical capabilities. Company also has been selected as prospective medium and small enterprise for export by Gyungnam SMBA and the selection encourages company to accelerate export.

Most of all, we are very excited that the excellence of our product quality is recognized in overseas markets including Japan, Russia, India and Vietnam to which we export.

Besides one component type polyurethane foam, Hamil Selena also produces various kinds of aerosol such as parting agent, aromatic and zinc paint under OEM contract. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have interest or questions about our one component type polyurethane foam, aerosol products and OEM production.