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Please check below the precaution when you stores, transports and discards the foam.

- Avoid direct sunlight and do not store in the place of which temperature is higher than 40°C(in the car, trunk and near fire source).

- Do not store in sealed place.

- Store the can in vertical position. If the can is laid or stands down, the valve will be stiffened and foam will not be sprayed (this malfunction will not be warranted as the cause is by user’s negligence).

- Store the product in the place where children cannot touch.

- Do not dispose into fire after use.

- Dispose after remove residual gas in the can completely after use.

- Do not dispose together with other garbage.

As the foam is adhesive, wear protective goggles, mask, gloves and clothes before starting the work. Pay special attention not to be stained by skin, eyes and clothes. If the foam is stained by skin, you could softly remove it by using water after hardening the foam. But, you must wear protective equipments because it can give a stimulus to your skin.

If you well cleans and stores the foam, it can be reused.


- In the case of Gun type, remove the foam gun after use. Clean the connection part of foam by using cleaner(use the button of red color) and remove residual solvent of cleaner. Also, clean the foam gun more than theree times every five minutes by cleaner.


- In the case of Adapter type, do not remove the adapter. If you stores the adpater as below picture, you could reuse it. When inside of the adapter is hardened, it could reuse it after removing residues in the adapter by using tool like tweezer. Reuse the adapter within 30 days.