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The thermal resistance after hardening is 30to +80. Additionally, the working temperature is +5to +30and the optimal working temperature is +20.

The date of manufacture is printed by the bottom of the can. The shelf life of the general foam is 12 months from the date of manufacture. Exceptively, World Plus 65 and TYTAN 65 are 18 months. Please check details to products introduction of my homepage.


You can find it from my homepage.

Documetation MSDS

If the foam is exposed by direct sunlight, the color would be changed and it would be corroded. You should finish the work by coating materials like silicone after hardening the foam.

KS certificate about PU-Foam is not established.

If you spray Worldfoam Bond by width and height of 2~3cm, you can work the polystyrene by 3x8 feet standard of about 6 to 8pcs(13 to 18m2). It may be changed according to construction method and please check details to products introduction of my homepage.

Worldfoam Bond is one component polyurethane foam adhesive that can be used to bond polystyrene(EPS,XPS), board and a variety of interior materials to roof, ceiling and floor. But, if the adhesive part was made by PVC like sandwich panel or PP, PE and silicone resins, it could not be bonded.

Worldfoam Bond is that the expansion is lower and adhesive function is more excellent than general foam. If you use general foam like Worldfoam Bond, the adhesion may be decreased and you would have a difficulty to work because of expansion. So, please work by the suitable product.

Worldfoam Adapter Type is general foam that has not fire retardant and is used by patented easy adapter that can be used easily.

World Plus Adapter Type is a self-extinguishing product and has all of advantage in the gun type and the adapter type because the plustip is installed to outlet of adapter. It can perform more working volume and the density is similar to gun type through this adapter.

TYTAN 65 has the certificate which meets DIN 4102 fire class B2 standard in Germany and test report of combustibility in Korea. World Plus 65 is self-extinguishing foam and has the test report of combustibility in Korea and can be used as adapter type by dual adpater.

“B1”, “B2” are standard for resistance to flame according to DIN 4102 (Germany) which is the method of fire retardant examination in Germany. The fire class by this standard is B1, B2 and B3. B1 is the highest fire class of B1,B2,B3. In the case of B2, if the fire is blocked, it would not be spread.