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World plus65 is self-extinguishing product and can perform max. 65L of expansion foam (at 20°C, 60% RH).

It is self-extinguishable and can perform max. 65L of expansion foam at optimized condition.
It is not affected much by temperature and humidity comparing to other products.
Manufacturing specifications
Technical Date
Working temperature +5℃~ +30℃
(optimal temp. +20℃)
Heat resistant temperature (after hardening) -30℃ ~ +80℃
Density 20 ~ 30 kg/㎥
Thermal conductivity (avg. temp 20°C) 0.020 ~ 0.040 W/m.k
Water absorption 0.1 ~ 3.0g /100㎠
Surface hardening time (Avg. temp 20°C, humidity 60%) 10 ~ 15 minutes
Elapse time for cut (Avg. temp 20°C, humidity 60%) 40 ~ 60 minutes
Elapse time for complete hardening (avg. temp 20°C, humidity 60%) 24 hours
Combustibility fire class Self-extinguishing
Foaming capacity Max.65ℓ
Period for storage (avg. temp 20°C) 18 months from the date of manufacturing

* Products for special specification are available.
* Above specifications subject to change without notice for product quality improvement.

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