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Tytan 65(Gun-Type)HAMIL SELENA

Tytan 65 is a fire-retardant product suitable for DIN 4102 B2 that is the standard for resistance to flame in Germany and can produce foam of maximum 65ℓ per 1 can in the most optimum condition (20℃, 60%RH).

Work performance with maximum 40% more volume than existing foam
Maximum 65L of foaming in a can be possible at optimized condition (20°C, RH 60%)
Fire retardant product which complies with the standard of DIN 4102 Fire class B2 (Germany)
Manufacturing specifications
Technical Date
Working temperature +5℃~ +30℃
(optimal temp. +20℃)
Heat resistant temperature (after hardening) -30℃ ~ +80℃
Density 20 ~ 30 kg/㎥
Thermal conductivity (avg. temp 20°C) 0.020 ~ 0.040 W/m.k
Water absorption 0.1 ~ 3.0g /100㎠
Surface hardening time (Avg. temp 20°C, humidity 60%) 10 ~ 15 minutes
Elapse time for cut (Avg. temp 20°C, humidity 60%) 40 ~ 60 minutes
Elapse time for complete hardening (avg. temp 20°C, humidity 60%) 24 hours
Combustibility fire class DIN 4102 B2
Foaming capacity Max.65ℓ
Period for storage (avg. temp 20°C) 18 months from the date of manufacturing

* Products for special specification are available.
* Above specifications subject to change without notice for product quality improvement.

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